Angus Macaulay


Angus Macaulay

Angus Macaulay has been a full time, working artist since 1994 after he returned from 4 years in Africa.  Angus specializes in painting on canvas with acrylic while integrating fabrics and objects found in the daily routines of our society.

His art synthesizes impressionistic brush strokes with modern fixtures to produce a uniquely attractive style of art perfect for the home and office.  Angus has participated in hundreds of juried, fine art festivals across the US, winning more than 6 awards, including Best of Show.  In the last 3 years, his work has taken a more thought-provoking, personal turn. Angus describes his paintings as moving more and more in the direction of mixed media, understated color/monochromatic, expressionistic work.

1726 Newark St. South
St.Petersburg, Florida    33711


The Work of Angus Macaulay