Angus Macaulay


Angus Macaulay

I come from a family of artists. My grandmother, Helen Hartung, studied at the Art Institute in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and under Robert Brachman. She exhibited in Newport, RI and was a member of the Newport Art Association. My mother, Holly Hartung Macaulay, has been painting, studying, and exhibiting for years in Charlottesville, VA.

I began painting for fun in Portland, OR in 1994, and took a few classes. I started showing small, decorative works at Portland Saturday Market and sold right away. This gave me the encouragement that I could make a living through my art. Over the years I've painted all the traditional subject matter, experimented with all mediums, had gallery representation, participated in hundreds of juried fine art festivals throughout the US. My work has been purchased and is hung in homes all over the world. I have been successful at selling my art myself so have not pursued the gallery route until now with new work. Currently I live in St Petersburg, FL, participating in the best juried fine art festivals in the US, and am now acquiring new galleries. I have won 11 awards at the festivals in the last 3 years including Best of Show several times.

My current work has moved me in a more contemporary, abstract/expressionistic direction reaching a more sophisticated art appreciator audience. My goal is to continue to reach the gallery, collector, curator level of art as an emerging artist, and to create thought provoking, important work that perhaps can effect a positive change in the viewers perspective on life. ‚Äč My current body of work is 2D mixed media, abstract, expressionistic. I attach newspaper, burlap, dropcloth, string, paper collage, etc to canvas or wood panel. Multiple layers of texture and paint are critical to the final outcome and success of my paintings. My initial thought process is to express unification, minimalism, imperfection, calm, relationships through monochromatic "different" color schemes that evoke restfulness and edginess at the same time. I continue to reel myself in by the reminder that "Less is More".

1726 Newark St. South
St.Petersburg, Florida    33711


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