Our Studio Tour

Where Art is Made

BEHIND NEIGHBORHOOD FENCES, down alleys and inside garages, Gulfport artists are creating in the rough. ONE WEEKEND A YEAR, our professional arts community invites guest artists from across the Tampa Bay region to share their work and the love of creating with our local community. Local artists open their studios, invite friends and the public to see it, touch it and buy it, directly from the maker.

Speak directly with the artist and get intimate details on how work goes from idea to art.

We believe the power of art is in seeing the crucible upon which art is created. Studios are those alchemic places where creativity is turned into art. Once a year Gulfport's professional arts community opens their studios to the public to see how art is created and to sell their work and commission the general public. Our viewing guests get to see where inspiration takes seed and the blossoming of creativity is formed.  

ArtJones welcomes art enthusiasts of all ages to See it, Feel it, Buy it during this 2-day free event, the first weekend in December. Saturday 10-5; Sunday 11-4

Guest Artist, Curtis Whitwam

This year's tour features more than 25 artists in 10 studio locations. We are gathering our list of exhibitions now, but some of your favorites will return plus a host of new artists.

Founding artist members, Ray Domingo, Brenda McMahon and Monika Watson will all be showing at their studios. We will also have a host of new artists exhibiting this year.

Get ready to meet our EMERGING artists, our SCHOLARSHIP artists, some names you'll know and others you will have never met. The 2022 ArtJones Open Studio Tour will inspire you once again to buy local and buy art this holiday season. 

Guest artist, Molly Fox Rohrer at the torch

How are we different from other tours. The studios will be open and demonstrations will be scheduled. Visitors can see the brushes, wheels, torches and tools of the trade. Though we sweep the floors, the presence of creativity is all around these spaces.

Of course there is the conversation, the connection of raw material to finished product and the sheer joy of peeking into the sacred artist space. Watch wheel throwing demos with Brenda, see Ray Domingo's sketches underway and learn how Monika designs her mixed media paintings with clay and acrylic. All questions are good questions, live music, food and a general community atmosphere tops it all off.

There's something for everyone at the annual ArtJones Open Studio Tour. Grab a friend and make a weekend of it!