Melissa Zodda

Painting, Mixed Media

Upcycle Art Studio

Most of Melissa Zodda's works are rooted and conceived through her life experiences on and around the water. Much of her work incorporates pieces of the Jersey Boardwalk where she grew up along with bits of boats that she has owned, which Melissa calls the 'soul' of her work.

Melissa considers herself an eco-artist, incorporating found objects: fabric pieces, eroding metals, sea debris, random pieces from her life, plastics, old strips of her own artwork, etc. She trys to recreate a moment, a meaningful time - with a current adaptation. Melissa recycles her thoughts, life and work, while alleviating the burden on our oceans and landfills. Up cycling seems the natural progression for her love of the sea and using materials that are symbolic of our interaction with our environment. Melissa lives and works in Gulfport, Florida.

Upcycle Art Studio
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The Work of Melissa Zodda