Our Group

Professional Artists at work

ArtJones artists hail from Paris to Africa and everywhere in between.  Some of us grew up on main street and others in big cities but the one thing we all share in common is the grit and determination to live a passionate and creative life.

ArtJones hosts a Navy Veteran, a Parisian, and a former furniture maker from the midwest.  We are eco-artists and tattoo artists, college professors, painters, and sculptors. Each ArtJones members' path is filled with experiences that inform their creativity and enhance their artistry. 

Open Studios, where the seeds of inspiration sprout the bounty of artistic expression

ArtJones Open Studio Tour is designed to show the grit behind the glass and the fortitude beneath the fire.  It takes 10,000 hours of work to achieve mastery and these artists have definitely put their time in.  

Download the brochure and map and come see who we are, what we create and how we live an artists' life.

On December 1st &2nd, 2018 ArtJones artists open their doors to welcome you.
Saturday 10-5; Sunday 11-4

See it, Feel it, Buy it.

Bill Brewer, in the studio

Samantha Roberts works on a painting