Our Group

A Tapestry of Artistic Expressions

ArtJones Open Studio Tour's mission statement is to celebrate the professional arts community in Gulfport, Florida, bringing artists and our art-loving audience together in one studio arts weekend. Each year we grow and change. In 2017 we began our tour with 11 artists, each year the group changes and grows, or gets smaller, as the case may be. But always, we welcome new artists to our event.

In 2020 we have two new jewelers joining us and all the artists have been creating new work all year. Other arts you'll see are fiber, glass, several painters with various styles, photography and more. We have traveled across the country and all landed here in Gulfport, Florida. Some of us have been here a long time, others have just arrived. We have several things in common, but for this event, it's celebrating our creative mastery and living an artful life.

Open Studios, where the seeds of inspiration sprout

Download the brochure and map and come to see who we are, what we create and how we live an artist's life.

On December 5 - 6, 2020 ArtJones artists once again open their doors to welcome you, only this year it's all outside!
Saturday 10-5; Sunday 11-4

See it, Feel it, Buy it.

Jack Providenti, Oil Painter

Jack was new last year but he joins us again this year for ArtJones 2020. Once you see his work you'll be jonesing to see more. Stop in his downtown studio after a lunchtime break or after grabbing a cup o Joe!

Diane Bragg, Fused Glass

Diane Bragg is our only glass artist this year - and she'll steal your creative heart. Don't miss her alley studio where she demonstrates how she takes chips of glass and creates designer clocks and art pieces. If you start there and go backward, you'll see Larry Busby's photographs at the Enroy home, and weaver Elizabeth Neily's fiber art just off Gulfport Boulevard. Whatever way you choose to travel, there is great art everywhere.